Carol Van Vaerenbergh



Windermere Lynne French & Associates

6200 Center Street, Suite E

Clayton, CA 94517

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Skills & Service

Having been in sales and marketing for over 30 years, I have developed a strong sense of the type of relationship building and focus it takes to make people feel supported, secure, and informed. Starting out in the travel industry gave me grounding to relate to those seeking "the dream." And whether it was the dream of travel to an exotic location or seeking a certain lifestyle, I held myself to a higher standard in helping my clients accomplish those goals. I have relied on my strong negotiation and problem-solving skills, and a genuine interest in their achievement, to assure my clients received what they refer to as "Nordstrom" service. I strive to achieve the pinnacle of service.

Real Estate

Navigating the real estate market takes time and patience. A Realtor representing you as a buyer or seller has to have the diligence and trustworthiness to see the transaction through with care and commitment. In my 20+ years in Real Estate, my clients have been given my utmost attention. Their referrals prove that my high-caliber service is effective and, most of all, appreciated.


My clients have referred to my service as "Nordstrom" service. It's the feeling that you get when you know someone has your best interest in mind. When there is follow-up before, during, and after a transaction. There is great joy on both sides of a deal when everyone gets what they want and need with as little hassle as possible. Cards & referrals thanking me for "professionalism, caring;" "expertise & effort;" "smooth" transactions and "hard work" are words that keep me challenged to that higher standard. And these clients, without hesitation, refer relatives and friends to me so that they will be cared for in the same manner.


I would say one of the best reasons that I give so readily of time and efforts to my clients is that I have achieved a peaceful work/life balance for myself. In all that I strive to give to others, I first have to live out my dreams as a model to others. I easily share the accomplishments of my four daughters, all four have graduated from Cal Poly, two are married and  I am enjoying time with grandchildren. I spend time on the lake with my husband Randy and enjoy the times with our family there as well. I am proud of their accomplishments and I work toward my goals as a tribute and example to them. Being in service, I love to entertain! I find it important to stay engaged and always look forward to seeing my lifelong clients at local events, parties or holiday open houses. The gratitude that I have is always rewarded in kind. This balance makes real estate a very rewarding career for me.